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Putting the Spotlight on Your Home for Sale

There are many advantages of selling your home with a professional Realtor and one of those, at least when you list your home with Steve Thomas, is the opportunity to work with a professional Home Stager.

Steve will help your home look its best for prospective buyers. He’ll give you his feedback on updates and changes that would benefit your home and, if he believes it’s needed, he will arrange for a Home Stager to do a complete assessment of your home. In greater Newmarket and York Region real estate, and more generally across southern Ontario, home buyers have come to expect a staged home. Here are our top reasons to have your home staged:

The Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Home Professionally Staged

7. A Professional Image. Staged homes look better on real estate flyers and websites. Nearly 98% of prospective home buyers look online before contacting a Realtor or seeing a home, which means that your home has to look its best on the MLS (the real estate listings). To generate buyer interest, your home must be in top shape. A Home Stager will give you guided recommendations and help you visualize your home’s potential. It’s a huge real estate advantage and has resulted in quick sales in the Newmarket area.

6. Staged homes get better Appraisal values. Whether you are selling to new owners or re-financing your home, an Appraisal is usually required by the mortgage company. Your prospective real estate buyers will be able to pay more with a great Appraisal. Make sure you help them to help you to a higher selling price by impressing the Appraiser with a staged home.

5. Building Inspectors view staged homes as well-cared for. One of the most common conditions put on the sale of a house are the results of a home inspection. While the Inspector will still look into every nook and cranny to professionally complete their home inspection, it always helps to put their mind at ease that the home has been cared for. (By the way, if you need a great home inspector, talk to Steve about who he recommends and let him tell you about the real estate advantages of pre-inspections.)

4. Buyers feel that staged homes are well maintained and more comfortable. Simply put, you can’t take back a first impression. While we like to say that real estate is all about location, location, location, the fact is that your home’s curb appeal and interior appearance can make or break your sale price. Putting effort now into making your home look as beautiful as possible will never be wasted. If you’re thinking about selling, talk to Steve as early as possible to make sure you have time to make all the changes needed. Steve recommends up to 6 months of lead time to get all the changes made to compete in the greater Newmarket real estate market.

3. Objectivity. Staged homes appeal to the broadest range of home buyers. While some of us do have homes that look like they just walked out of a magazine, if we’re honest, there are probably some parts of our home that we wished looked a little bit better. And there are issues that we don’t even notice. Are the countertops clean? Is the ceramic spotted owl collection in the right place? Home staging will take all the quirks of your home and present them in such a way that prospective buyers will feel at home – their new home. From experience, we know that this is hard to do for our own homes – that’s why having a real estate professional is so important.

#2: Sell Your Home For More Money

2. Higher Sales Price. Staged homes sell for an average of 7% more money than un-staged homes, which means an extra $21,000 on a $300,000 home. Staged homes can sell for up to 11% more, which, on the average $600,000 home in York Region, works out to over $60,000 that home staging will bring to you. Needless to say, you’ll make your money back for a zero net cost. (Note: If you’re a first-time buyer in York Region and panicking about $600,000 home prices, contact Steve to find out where you can find relatively affordable real estate in Newmarket, Georgina, and East Gwillimbury.)

#1: Sell Your Home Faster

1. Faster Sales Time. Research has shown that staged homes sell 80% faster than homes that have not been staged. Having your home on the market is a disruption for your entire family. Stage your home and get your price faster in this competitive real estate market.

Let Steve Thomas Help You Sell Your Home

Home staging is a great way to get your home looking its best. Just imagine the satisfied feeling you’ll have when you hear Steve tell you that your home has just sold to the perfect home buyers who fell in love with it instantly. Contact Steve today to get started with your real estate listing.

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