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The Results: The Right Home in Record Time

Gail and Kevin first talked to Steve in early October and signed up as clients toward the end of the month. Gail remembers, “We went out, looking at houses, over four weekends, sometimes both days and saw about a dozen houses in total. It was kind of a blur. We signed the deal on November 13th – a day after seeing the house.”

Gail and Kevin knew that the York Region real estate market was tight and that they’d have to move quickly when they saw a home they liked. Steve made that easy by signing them up for new listings so they saw them before they appeared on Kevin appreciated Steve’s quick response time. “We’d let him know which ones we wanted to see and he’d arrange the showings. It was usually the next day or the same day.”

Kevin and Gail both appreciated Steve’s diligence and expertise when they were looking at potential homes. Kevin explains, “He told us that he’d look for potential problems while we were seeing all the good things. Stuff like, ‘We’d have to fix those windows’ or ‘That step will need more mortar’. Inside the house, he’d show us how to increase the value, almost from a builder’s perspective. He even suggested we could take out a wall and that it would work better for us and increase the value.”

It was obvious to Kevin and Gail that Steve knew what he was talking about. And why wouldn’t he? With over 30 years in the housing, construction, and real estate sectors he really does know real estate like few other Realtors. Kevin continues, “he’d tell us if a house was over-priced and what to look out for. It really helped us trust that he was on our side and not just out to sell a house.”

Part of Steve’s mission with first-time homebuyers is to ensure that they learn what to look for in a home. Gail laughs about the pop quizzes, “Do you remember what these pipes are for? What’s the first thing wrong with the house? We were so proud when we started to notice things like this one house that had a broken doorbell. It was all cracked and broken and Steve made sure we noticed things like that. Things he would fix if he were listing the home.”

Steve is committed to ensuring that his clients get a great education while they are getting a great home – especially first-time homebuyers who have a lifetime of real estate decisions ahead of them. Steve’s expertise and experience really helped Gail and Kevin when they made their offer. Gail remembers, “we had no idea what we were doing and originally… well, he guided us as to what to offer and how to do it. We were so excited about the house and nervous about losing it and he said, ‘Guys, come on settle down’.”
“Originally we were willing to pay list price and thanks to Steve they ended up dropping it $10,000 from the asking price. After the first sign-back they said it was the final offer and he said, ‘Let’s go back lower’. We were very nervous when he said that, and we knew it was a lot of money and it was another example of how he was on our side.” Kevin and Gail trusted Steve’s experience and it saved them thousands of dollars.

Kevin adds, “he really knows how other people and Realtors think, and he knows how to price things out and why you should get more money or less money for things. We really felt like newbs that night.” The entire process took less than six hours, with the initial offer going in at 4 p.m. on Sunday and the entire deal being done by 10 that night.

“Steve included several conditions that had to be met so we only told our close family that the deal had been signed. He put in conditions that we didn’t think about, for example, that the house had to be clean when we moved in – that kind of thing.” Gail and Kevin really appreciate being walked through the process by someone with the experience to allow them the freedom they needed to find just the right home and to guide them when necessary.

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